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Drop down menus break in WordPress

There appears to be a bug in WordPress 3.2.1 when using the "visual" view to edit your documents. Hopefully new versions of WordPress will be released that fix this bug. Until a fix is released by wordpress all drop-down menus must be edited manually as shown below.

If your trying to create a simple drop down menu like this:

And whenever you look at it in WordPress it appears like this:

Here is a simple HTML example that wordpress “visual” would break
<option value=”example1”>example1</option>
<option value=”example2”>example2</option>
<option value=”example3”>example3</option>

By simply removing the carriage returns you can avoid the “visual” view problem.

Like so:
<option value=”example1”>example1</option><option value=”example2”>example2</option><option value=”example3”>example3</option>