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How do I cancel, or void an order?

If you are a shopper. (Merchants see below)
Please look at the top right corner of your receipt. This should include some contact information for the merchant that you purchased from. Please contact them to adjust, cancel, or void your order.

If you do not have your receipt, we may be able to assist you with getting proper contact information if you can tell us the website from which you purchased.

Please note, we are the shopping cart software. We do not actually fulfill orders processed by the software. Order fulfillment and processing is handled by the merchant.

If you are a merchant.
You can void an order by doing the following:
  1. Login to the administration area,
  2. go to "Order History",
  3. click on "Search My Orders".
  4. Search to find the order.
  5. Set the status to "VOID".
  6. Save by clicking "Update These Orders".
Voided orders will no longer show up in the reports or normal searches. Note that this WILL NOT return any funds to the customer.

To cancel payment of an order, contact your credit card processing company and get instructions on how to "Void" or "Refund" the transaction.