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How do I make it so that my customers can purchase a cart gift certificate online?

You can create your gift certificate "Add to Cart" button by doing the following:
  1. Login to the cart.
  2. Go to the "Button Builder" section of the cart.
  3. Click on "Add Cart code".
  4. Type a description (like "Gift Certificate").
  5. Put the Gift Certificate amount in the price field. (Optional, see steps 7-9)
  6. Go to the Exempt field and select Gift Certificate.
  7. Then click "Create special product properties here". (Steps 7-9 Optional, see step 5)
  8. Create multiple Gift Certificate amounts using the special product properties (see Special Product Properties - The Basics).
  9. Click "Close" to close the window.
  10. Click on "Create Add To Cart Code".
  11. Copy and Paste the code to your site.
Notice how steps 5 and 7-9 are marked as "Optional". You will either do step 5 or steps 7-9. If you do steps 7-9 you will enter 0 (zero) in the price field in step 5.