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Can I make a miniature "View Cart" display on my own web pages?

You can use this to create a mini view of the shopping cart contents in your website. Or to create a mini version of the shopping cart add buttons.

This requires you to add a little extra information to the regular cart buttons.

That information is written in red below:

<a href="">View Cart</a>

Or in a form add these lines
   <input type=hidden name="ShowMiniView" value="3">
   <input type=hidden name="ShowHeader" value="1">

1Display with a content-type text/html. Useful for IFRAMES and Pop-Ups. Uses the browser default colors.
2Display with a content-type text/html. Useful for IFRAMES and Pop-Ups. Uses the colors you've chosen in your Color/Layout Settings
3Activate the style.css file which can be uploaded using the Upload Custom Images tool

0Default value, shows the normal view cart page
No close buttons. Suitable for use in an IFRAME.
Close buttons at the top and bottom of the page. Suitable for a small pop-up window.
Does not display cart contents. Simply displays a message that "Your item has been added" with a close button.
Executes an immediate javascript CLOSE command. Useful if you wish to have your add buttons go to a pop-up window that will close the second the shopping cart has added the product.
Displays the cart contents, then a view cart and checkout button at the bottom
The output goes to an IFrame shown on this page. Watch the summary below as you click on the "Test" button.

You can use this method to create a small cart summary anywhere on your own website.

Note: This for this feature to work your Continue Method must be set to "Default". If set to automatic forward that will override the ShowMiniView settings.