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1. Can I change the description, part number, and weight of a product in a single pop up menu?

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When you want to append values to different fields in the add button then you can use "AppendItem".

This would be used when providing your customer options that you want to append to one or more of the fields in the "Add to Cart" button, such as, a select box, radio buttons, or checkboxes.

You could use AppendItem to create unique part numbers for your different options.

To assist you, some of the AppendItem fields support basic mathematics. For example if you have a starting price (in the additem) of 4.95 and in the appenditem you put "+1.00" then the final unit price would be $5.95.

Here is a list of the fields that support basic math:
  • itemCost
  • itemQuantity
  • itemHandling
  • itemWeight
Use the following example for creating HTML tags named AppendItem:

<select name="AppendItem">
   <option value="|<br><li>red|+ 5.00||red|||+ 3||||||">Red
   <option value="|<br><li>blue|+ 2.00||blue|||+ 1||||||">Blue
   <option value="|<br><li>green|+ 7.00||green|||+ 5||||||">Green
   <option value="|<br><li>black|+ 18.00||black|||+ 8||||||">Black

If we had a button like this one:

<input name="AddItem" type="hidden" value="TestUser|A really cool model car|75.00|1|model-1||prompt|5||||||">

then the previous AppendItem option 2 would be appended like this:

<input name="AddItem" type="hidden" value="TestUser|A really cool model car<br><li>blue|75.00 + 2.00|1|model-1blue||prompt|5 + 1||||||">

Note: the AppendItem tag must have the same prefix as the AddItem tag. For example if the full AddItem tag name was "AddItemABC" then the AppendItem would need to be named "AppendItemABC", you could can create multiple appenditems by doing the following "AppendItemABC1" "AppendItemABC2" etc.