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Hackers and people with bad intentions will try to corrupt internet business transactions whenever they can. Transactions made through our shopping cart software are protected by what is known as a secure socket layer or SSL. In order to receive payments promptly through your credit card gateway and to protect your customers and your business, online shopping carts are required to have an SSL certificate. Some of the "freeware" and templates out there do not facilitate this and cause business owners to waste a lot of time and money before they realize that they did not get a bargain.

How SSL Certificates Works With Shopping Cart Software

When using online shopping carts, transactions conducted by your are sent in 'packets of information' across the internet between your web site and their computers. These packets might be tracked and 'seen' by hackers and other intruders. SSL is an encryption method that has two components, a public key which is used to encrypt information and a private key that is used to decipher the encrypted information. This makes it very unlikely that any hacker intercepting these packets can decipher the information in them.

When your customer enters your web site and begin a transaction through their browser, an SSL "handshake" authenticates your web site and establishes a unique session key for that visit by that specific online customer and a unique encryption method associated with that customers session on your web site. This unique session keys serves as a code that allows for the information sent back and forth to be unencrypted. These keys change with every session and makes it extremely unlikely that they will be decoded by any hacker. Session keys are so difficult to decode that it isn't worth the trouble for hackers to break the code. Even if they could eventually break the code it would take much longer to do that than the transaction would ever take.

SSL encryption allows vital information, such as your customers credit card data to be transmitted securely without the possibility that this information is being recognized or deciphered by hackers or intruders. With a secure system your customers will have confidence in your online business. This feature is not often available with free or template shopping cart software.

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